A Real Conversation

6 November 2012

An actual conversation between my wife and I, via text messaging.

–> Me

–> Her

Just doing some laundry a mile from the hotel. Had veggie byriani next door.

We just watched Voyager and now I’m having a cup of tea.

There’s not a whole lot around here. I was hoping to spend money carelessly. Oh well.

I can help you with that.

An orgy of spending. My clothes are drying, hurrah.

Are you sitting in the launderette wearing nothing but your last pair of clean underpants?

They’re inside out and I have white ’emergency socks’, oddly striped, soles browned. A man named Hammer keeps asking me what time it is. It’s getting dull.

There’s a pair of the most fucked-up trainers [sneakers], likely abandoned, sitting next to me on a bench. Occasionally I catch a delightful whiff of shit.

Do you have a large kitchen knife super-glued to your hand?

All I could find in the shop was a nail extension kit. I look like a fat, pissed-off, Edward Scissorhands.

Once again I am jealous of your rock ‘n roll lifestyle. Isn’t everyone in America voting right now?

Who cares. 


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2 Responses to A Real Conversation

  1. Jon says:

    LB i only awoke late this morning – something about getting home well after 0100 after a certain (fabulous) concert @ Nokia last night in L.A.

    Glad to see that I’m not the only one who communicates a lot with his wife via text.

    Thanks for sharing that.

    Oh um.. Yeah I did take a moment to vote today as well. Back to the salt mines tomorrow alas but for now I think I’ll drink to the outcome which was just announced.

  2. dragonhelm says:

    Here’s to the chances of new beginnings.

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