The No Ideas Book

Hello all, I hope everyone is doing fine. It’s been some time since I last updated the No Ideas blog and I have a couple of good excuses. Firstly, there was no tour to follow and latterly, I’ve been whirring away in my dungeon compiling the summer tour blog into a real, live book. It was with acute painstaking reverence I contemplated its profound title: No Ideas. I dunno, it just leapt out at me, like a pair of New York joggers in a theatrical zebra costume. The subtitle proclaims the book’s content: two months on the road with Leonard Cohen.

Warning: anyone can write a book these days.

Warning: anyone can write a book these days.

The front page blurb will inform the shelf-browser that the book also serves as A real-life account of the daily fiction surrounding backstage life.

Well friends, I can only say it’s been a bit of hard work — if you can call sitting still, drinking tea and tapping on keys hard work — but it’s almost done. I clutch in my scraggy meat-hook above a proof copy of the book — around 230 pages I’ve been scrutinising and defacing in an attempt to reach as perfect a plane as can be without plucking every hair  from its follicle.

The book is not a simple copy-and-paste compilation of the summer blogs. They have been read, re-read, re-written and in many cases, lengthened, shortened, clarified, junked and pulled apart to make some sense to a reader who might never have followed the blog in the first place. It still retains its first person narrative and the demon still lives, given more detail in places, but I think the spirit of the blogs live and thrive between the pages.

The book will come in two forms — electronic and physical. The e-book will be priced cheaper than the paperback. At present, the paperback is handled by a company called and they charge yours truly £5 for one book, plus £3 for shipping to Northern Ireland. I’m afraid I’ll have to follow a Capitalist coattail and tag on a little extra to pay for all the tea, so please stay tuned for a final price. I am a babe in the woods as far as publishers go, and so I must do some more homework as far as world-wide physical coverage is concerned

As for an e-book, you might imagine it will be available on Amazon, but I shall look into further options as well. Yikes, even as I type I realise there’s more to being an indie author than I thought.

If I said ‘end of March,’ would that please the reader?



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18 Responses to The No Ideas Book

  1. Deborah Hall says:

    Ah Leif – am so glad to hear your voice again and this alert reader is EVER so pleased to hear of your work on the narrative-in-full with demon-left-in! I will be one of your first e-book customers as delivery of actual things here in Armenia remains sometimes sketchy. Although so far every care package from friends has finally made it. AND, just so you know that in addition to putting my energies behind a few projects to empower the young women here – I also managed to have two loads of laundry done and dried in a DRYER here by my landlady. No moss growing under this stone here in your absence. Still waiting for LC dates a little closer to the Caucuses to be announced – hope you are glad to be on the road again Mar 2! Write on, my friend and perhaps I will see you in the late summer. Keep us posted on the book’s release 🙂

    • Leif says:

      Thank you kindly Deborah; I would imagine it’s not the most difficult thing, to pop a copy in the post should you ever wish to wait a while. Have PayPal, can travel 🙂

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  3. ucblue says:

    saw notice on Heck. can’t wait. your blog brought backstage/travel alive to those of us in the cheap seats.

  4. MaryB says:

    Sooo good to hear from you again! Eagerly awaiting your finished product. Keep tapping away.

  5. Jon says:

    That’s excellent news – I’m looking forward to adding a copy to my Kindle.

  6. Having trouble using fb to log in. As I said redundantly, you are a great writer, LB. Please keep the log going for this stage of the tour.

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  8. (Formerly VelvetCrescendo from tumblr) So excited about this news! I’ll attempt to wait patiently for a hard copy! Any news on any of your other work getting published in the near future as well? Happy travels, see you in Regina, SK!

  9. Looking forward to reading the book Leif. Love the blog and will be following your adventures on the 2013 tour and hopefully beyond 🙂

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