It Begins


Wonders are like a stream of abuse from a loveable drunk. A WordPress app for my phone, how delicious. Pity I can only really use my phone in a WiFi environment while in North America, unless I want to donate a kidney every month to pay for data.

Anyway, have a picture of my bag and shoes and consider this entry an opening to the new year of  touring, new hopes for the future, and new hopes that my bag will survive the river of abuse to flow from buses, airplanes, vans, and grumpy roadies.
A fine ‘mahoc’ to you all, as Mr. Burns might say, and let’s begin the Old Ideas tour of 2013.


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I hate blogs and bloggers.
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5 Responses to It Begins

  1. Lots of us on board with you, LB. Thank you for your generosity in taking us along for the ride.

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  3. Jon says:

    Welcome back LB – what a long strange trip it has been and will become

  4. fayg29 says:

    Welcome back. Have a great tour. Best regards to LC.

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