Feb 22: LA, Day Off

I had not the most restful sleep, but it was enough so that when 5am came about I did not feel entirely cheated. Cleaning myself up, I set into the world around 6am to seek breakfast. It was a cool morning on Cahuenga Boulevard and the air was welcome. In such a place as LA, one might expect a constant flow of humans, but I saw very few others on my stroll. Finding an establishment of favourable appeal, I ate and enjoyed some breakfast before setting out again.


At around 7am I thought ‘sod this’, and made back to the hotel. Along the way I snapped a few pictures and eventually returned to my room to catch up on some writing. I’m really quite pleased with the pace at which the No Ideas book is coming along.

On the drive to the hotel last night from the airport, Dave informed me that as far as the technicals are concerned, nothing has changed for the upcoming leg of the tour. There are a few personnel swaps, but not within the realms of UHTC. There are a couple of changes in the vendors, but none that a reader would have known from previous blog posts. As far as UHTC is concerned, we’re all still here:

Mike – Tour Manager
Dave – Production Manager
Joey – Road Manager
Ed – Producer
Wade – Tour Accountant
Renée – Production Assistant
Kezban – Assistant to Leonard Cohen
Paul – Stage Manager
Ryan – Lighting Designer
Mark – FOH Sound Engineer
Russ – Monitor Engineer
Jon – Sound Engineer
Pants – Sound Engineer
Steve  – Lighting Chief
Nicky  – Back Stage & Wardrobe
Natasha – Wardrobe
Leif – Guitar Technician & Boffin
Chris – Bass, Guitar & Harp Technician
Benni – Drum Technician
Mickey – Guitar Technician
Dan – Keyboard Technician
John – Tour Rigger
Lorca – Product Manager/Photographer
Tom  – Merchandise

For the curious, in North America we hire lights from a North American division of a lighting company (a vendor) and with the lights come a pair of chaps. In Europe, similar rules apply, and the same might hold for audio, catering, video and definitely trucking. The professionals who work for those vendors are not attached to UHTC, so they find themselves working in many different spheres. As such, if we’ve liked having them around, we might ask them back, but if they’re already busy on another tour, then so be it. Here’s our North American roster:

Louis – Audio Technician/PA Rigger
Spencer – Audio Technician/PA Rigger
Clate – Lighting Technician
Craig – Lighting Technician
Phil  – Vision Mixer
Francis – Video Technician

Louis, Craig and Phil were all with us on the last North American leg of the tour, and Clate is a name from a few years ago, it will be nice to see him again. Spencer and Francis I don’t believe I’ve met, but I have a horrid memory for names, so I might be surprised to find I do know them.

Much of the afternoon and early evening of Feb 22  was spent lying on a bed either attached to a computer or wondering why I wouldn’t fall asleep. At 7pm, three-fifths of The Winning Team met for dinner and we ate at the same place in which I broke my fast this morning. After the viddles I went to my room and wrote, staying up until about midnight, a grand feat considering the lack of sleep I’ve had the past couple of days.


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