Feb 25: LA, Rehearsals

Again I awoke in the realms of far too early and after doing a few morning exercises, cleaned up and proofread some more of the book.  Breakfast was at the usual place however I ate something that didn’t really sit right, but since I have a stomach of iron, it was fine. I made for the rehearsal facility and along the way I bought an eight dollar smoothie which was alright I suppose, but I’m not sure it was worth it.

I got into work shortly after 9am ahead of the rest of UHTC and went though a bit of a to-do list. At this stage thankfully there are only little tasks to perform like labelling and tidying the equipment. Having woken far too early, it suddenly hit me that I was very tired; I had to sit down for a while. There is a comfortable sofa in front of the stage and I had a little flop, closing my eyes until the rest of the crew arrived.

Mickey’s mission this morning was to purchase a new 12-string acoustic guitar for Javier. In all, four-fifths of The Winning Team, and Dave, sallied forth on a shopping expedition; of course like any such trip, you always come back with more than you planned.

More like 'Shabby Road'.

More like ‘Shabby Road’.

When the rehearsal got under way, Leonard motored through some songs and stopped them half-way, feeling confident they were in the bag so to speak. As the session progressed, he spent a bit more time on songs that needed a refresher until 7pm when he called it a day. I was quite glad of the end as I was exceptionally tired. As I prepared to leave the stage, I was greeted with a cake topped in candles and the classic song, ‘Happy Birthday’. Lo, I have travelled around the sun precisely 40 times. It was a vegan cake, well received as were the vegan peanut butter cookies. The secret spies had passed a card around and I now have everyone’s autograph with which I shall use to forge cheques. Surprise!

Unperturbed by the tiredness I enjoyed some cake and cookies and curiously, a bowl of soup and a cup of chamomile tea. When the impromtu party was at an end, Dan and I walked back to the hotel, the slight incline feeling a little more steep than usual. In truth, I was beginning to feel very tired and not well. It was never a birthday fantasy of mine to be sober and in bed by 8.30, but that was the case.

Around 1.30 am, I woke and could bear the roiling stomach no longer. Every time I thought about the dodgy onions I had with breakfast, my tummy groaned and eventually I had to pull the trigger: armed with a squeaky clean pair of fingers, I touched the tickle spot of my throat and a river of vomit sallied forth. It was surprising, nay horrifying, to see just how much my stomach held — you know the little sachets of ketchup you get at restaurants? Well imagine a gallon-sized one of those; now just nick the corner and press hard and watch the stream of used food propelled through space. Happy bloody birthday; have a new stomach, made of velvet.


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5 Responses to Feb 25: LA, Rehearsals

  1. j6ppc says:

    Happy belated birthday LB- I hope you have recovered from your malaise.

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  3. MaryB says:

    Happy belated birthday. Glad to hear that tickling your throat did the trick and you’re feeling better!

    • Leif says:

      Thanks Mary — almost back to 100%, but I think a habit-change with respect to food is in order. Gettin’ too old for this sh*t!

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