Feb 28: Berkeley, Day Off

The view from the bus

The view from the bus

It was a bit of a bumpy ride last night from LA to Berkeley. I awoke in the bus feeling a little tired, but not necessarily in a mood to grumble. I am giving up the booze for a spell, and although alcohol helps to convey some sleep, the feeling of morning grogginess doesn’t always justify it. Today is a day off, especially for The Winning Team. The others will go on a site visit later to have a look at the venue and see the layout, getting a grip on where things will go tomorrow; we are loading in a day early for some technical preparations.

The earliest we’ll be able to check into our hotel rooms today is 11am and so our approach to Berkeley is slightly lazy. With an hour to kill, we stopped at a popular electronics retailer a few miles out of town and inside I found (squeal!) a second-hand copy of Black Ops II. For those not in the know, it’s a video game from the Call of Duty franchise and on it there’s a mode dedicated to eradicating zombies. Everyone knows zombies have it coming; Dan and I shall now have even more options to slay the undead.

Some time before noon I secured a room at the inn and my day off began in earnest. Our bus driver Wayne (who drove us last time in North America) kindly allowed me to hijack the x-box and set it up in my room. Luckily the TV accepted and… the rest is beautiful, gory history.

After some writing I ventured outside into the world and found along my travels in the sun a vegan restaurant. Although I’m still not feeling 100%, it was hard to pass up a chance to eat green. On my way back to the hotel I saw LC, Neil, and Kezban who were on their way out for a stroll; I was on my way in for a lie-down — cursed tummy quakes; all remained well though.

On some days there’s little to share in terms of happenings. I might bore the reader with my heroic adventures in zombie fantasy land, or intrigue them with the inventory of my luggage, but such trifles can happily remain undissected.


A bit of Berkeley


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5 Responses to Feb 28: Berkeley, Day Off

  1. MaryB says:

    I have found lately that chamomile tea really helps with a restfull sleep and with stomach ‘upsets’ to some degree. It might work. Ooooh, zombies – I am not into zombie movies or shows, but love ‘Walking Dead’. Something to look forward to besides LC shows;-)

  2. Leif says:

    Thank Mary. I have Chamomile and Spearmint tea, but no kettle in my room, grrr.
    Mickey bought season two of WD, I’m looking forward to watching it on the bus, but I haven’t seen the first series yet.

    • MaryB says:

      Bummer – talk to the hotel staff. You know that with today’s economy, most places will be willing to accomodate in some way – you need your chamomile to get a restfull sleep. Mickey is a smart man. WD is a good way to take the stress off of touring and may be something for you to look forward to in between the times you get to see your family.

  3. Jon says:

    Here’s to hoping tonight goes well. Perhaps a small electric kettle would not be amiss in your bag?

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