Mar 4: Travel to Seattle

I went to bed around 5.30am and woke close to 10.30 on the moving bus. Mine is not a very comfortable bunk; if this were any other tour, it would be a shame, but we were only travelling to Seattle on a day off. Most touring acts will play three or four shows on the trot and a rough night’s sleep followed by 15-hour work days would be exhausting, but that’s not our reality, praise the gods.

With the eye-catching Mount Hood on our distant right as we travelled up the I-5, Dan and I battled lots of zombies, arriving in Seattle around 4.30pm. The killometer since last night reads:

2,561 me
2,346 Dan

Mount Hood (I think) can be seen in the distance.

Mount Hood (I think) can be seen in the distance.

Once settled in my Seattle room, I sought some Indian food; I felt the last several days had been devoid of joyful eating and looked forward to a sumptuitous delight. Along the way there seemed to be an incident involving public transit; fire trucks and police cars were plentiful, as were bystanders, but no such obvious incidental evidence laid bare. A particular police vehicle caught my eye and caused me to whisper to myself, ‘what the fuck?’ An old Plymouth cruiser, like something you’d see in the film The Blues Brothers, stopped at the scene, apparently quite legitimate, not at all a movie prop. A little research found this, and I’m nearly certain it’s the same vehicle:

Close to the incident I entered an Indian restaurant with glee, but upon leaving I felt ‘meh’. Still, food is food and there’s enough of it, so all is well in day-off world. Hopefully no one was hurt in the transit incident.

Tomorrow morning we head to Victoria.

[Bit of an oopsie — I originally gave this entry a mistaken date of March 5.]


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2 Responses to Mar 4: Travel to Seattle

  1. Cary says:

    Sounds like it was a long trip. Where did you get a room in Seattle? The Lynnwood Washington Hotel is a nice location, and seems to be central to a lot of things. I hope you enjoyed your Indian food!

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