Mar 10: Not Much Happening Here Except a Wee Poll

There is almost nothing happening today with regard to UHTC. Since it’s slow, I was wondering if I might be able to ask the reader a question after a brief explanation:

Today I pretty much finished the No Ideas book. At the moment I’m waiting to hear if there is any objectionable content, but if not, it’s as good as done.

I would love to hear from those blog-readers who are interested in buying a copy, and what sort of format they would prefer. This will greatly help me figure out what the hell to do with the completed file; paper is not a problem, but the online/digital world is more complex.

A paperback copy will cost more when you consider shipping and unit cost, but hey, the customer knows what they want. Anyway, I’m new to this stuff, so I value any information I can gather.

In UHTC news, the crew will travel overnight from Regina to Minneapolis, a stop-gap before Chicago. Dan and I will kill many zombies along the way.


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8 Responses to Mar 10: Not Much Happening Here Except a Wee Poll

  1. MaryB says:

    I am still one of those that enjoy having a book in paper format in my hands. Glad to hear your book is finished!

    • Diana Dahart says:

      I agree with Mary….to a degree. “Special” books will always be desired in that wonderful open-the-page and smell-the-paper form. Books of the moment (eg: Private Berlin, which was fabulous) is okay on my Nook. But John O’Donohue’s “Four Elements” , and an excellent book I’m reading now “Detroit, an American Autopsy” are those I want to hold in my hand and slowly turn each page…to savour. I think perhaps yours might be one to savour.

  2. ucblue says:

    paperback, yes. not enough people have e-readers yet. my already-read-library was just gathered up and shipped to countries where people cannot afford books. i kept all the music books

  3. Ros Pan says:

    Don’t mind an iPad format – but for specials like my Leonard Cohen related items I would far prefer a printed book, don’t mind paying shipping cost to Ireland.

  4. I prefer a Good Ol’ Fashioned book too. Good to hear it is finished.

  5. Jon says:

    I prefer kindle if only because I have more books than space in the house.

  6. Annie says:

    Leif .. Love idea .. Well done. Would prefer real book tho kindle is Eco friendly option and I should go that way .. All bests.

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