Mar 21: Day Off, Atlanta

Trundling through the State of Georgia, we arrived at our Atlanta hotel around 2pm. Once settled in my room I caught up with a couple of tasks and spoke to the family via the magic of the internet mice: cute little rodents that operate every machine in the world. After a pleasant talk with all at home, I began writing some fiction and by 9pm realised four and a half hours of that was enough; I was also surprised to notice I wore the same clothes I slept in last night.

I’m so sorry but I had to give Einstein Bros Bagels a miss today. They closed at 5pm and I couldn’t risk going ‘out there’ before getting some writing done. If I got cleaned up, changed my clothes, and had a bagel, the fictional inspiration would have been off-keel and the creative day would have been wasted. Perhaps if I wake at a ridiculous time tomorrow morning I’ll go visit them. It seems they open at 5.30am — I’ve heard crazy gets up early in some places.

Not to be cooped up however, I jumped into some clean trousers and walked in the cool air for a look around. Not two minutes from the hotel I bumped into Lighting Tech Craig who carried a CVS bag of goods. Pointing at the bag my question was simple: ‘Where?’ He explained it was around three-quarters of a mile in a certain direction and with a grumble and a mumble I set off for a bottle of fizzy water. When I arrived the place was clean, the staff were friendly, and I made my purchase of fizzies and trail mix, and went back to the hotel. When I returned I was interested in how far the place really was, and Craig wasn’t far off in his estimation; the Google put it at 0.7 miles. I’m interested because I’m on a bit of a health kick, watching what I eat and estimating the calories burnt. It’s mostly a ploy to excuse eating delicious junk food.

While checking the distance I also looked up a review of the CVS in question and one irate customer said of the store manager, “Im [sic] going to report him for inconvenience”; I don’t know what that means. Is there an Atlanta by-law prohibiting inconvenience? Or is this person going to attempt to cause the store manager some inconvenience? Or, could it be the plaintiff seeks to fulfill some sort of masochistic fetish for inconvenience? Lastly, might it be the aggrieved knows, subliminally, the process of reporting will, in fact, simply cause inconvenience for him or herself? If that’s the case, can the defendant counter-sue for concealed irony?

I suddenly realised upon completion of that last paragraph, I was a bit tired, so I shall bid thee all a fine night.


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6 Responses to Mar 21: Day Off, Atlanta

  1. Will be in the Atlanta audience….

  2. Edward says:

    Awesome show, guys. LC was on fire.

  3. Jon says:

    Leif- If you are enjoying Walgreens & CVS you really ought to also experience WalMart too 🙂

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