Mar 25: The Big Easy


Camelot and The Black Pyramid pulled into New Orleans around 11am and I was among the lucky majority who had a room available. The adequate space will contain me for three nights and I haven’t a clue what I’ll do with myself aside from kill zombies.

I settled my things, wrote a diary entry, got cleaned up and spoke with the loved ones at home. It seems the snow in our area has really done some damage. Livestock has been killed by roofs collapsing under the weight of snow and nearby village Cairncastle has apparently been walled by 18-foot drifts. For Northern Ireland, this is a really big deal.

For me in the Big Easy, life is just that; but with no plans I’ll have to think of something to keep me from going nuts. One can only visit so many Walgreenses and CVSes before one goes bonkerses. By that which is arguably a non-sequitur, we come to a point: if you don’t see any new entries over the next few days don’t be surprised. This is a good time to get busy writing fiction things, and seeing as I’ll be in the one place for a considerable time, AND I doubt I’ll be partaking in anything that might interest the reader, I’ll declare it a blog holiday.

From nawlinz, LB.


My daughter might like this place


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2 Responses to Mar 25: The Big Easy

  1. Jon says:

    Leif- I hope your writing is productive during hiatus. That blizzard in N. Ireland sounds severe too.

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