Mar 27: Big Easy III

IMG_2489Today was the last day of our sojourn in Nawlinz. I have accomplished nothing in terms of tourism and little in getting ‘out there’, preferring the solitude of my room and the near-incessant tapping of my keyboard. Yesterday Dan and I played zombies in my room for two solid hours, racking up another 2,170 meaningful zombie deaths bringing our total to 20,794. Tour Accountant Wade, who originally suggested we keep a tally, asked if that was a good number. ‘For a pair of forty-year-old men, I think it might be,’ I replied.

IMG_2485In a pleasant deviation from a hermit’s life, I went for lunch today in a nearby food joint and was invited to table with Sharon and Mitch who had already ordered. It was nice to chat about music things like technology, the challenges of life on the road, and chit-chat in general. I told Mitch about the fictitious situation I wrote about in the Orpheum diary entry, and he laughed, but I wanted to make sure he knew that it was indeed a harmless fiction intended to round out an otherwise uneventful day. I assume people will know these things and not take it as a slight against a subject’s character; if I really wanted to paint someone in a bad light, I wouldn’t resort to fiction, that’s just cheap. In fact, as I told Mitch, I respect him as a colleague and professional, and that’s precisely why I make up outlandish fiction about people sometimes — because I know they’re not overly sensitive to a good ribbing. It’s like a good time with your best friends — I don’t know about the reader, but my friends and I can be pretty ruthless with one another, that’s just how we grew up. Good temperament for the soul, character-building and all that.

So, tomorrow we go to work again.


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3 Responses to Mar 27: Big Easy III

  1. Jon says:

    So LB If I may ask why the break? Pesach? In any case it seems all and sundry will soon be back on boogie street for which we all ironically enough rejoice. On a personal note was @ work at 0545 today finished up at 1630ish and am now off to DIII to whack some beasties. Tore some callouses changing a bicycle tyre today so the guitar will be painful tomorrow.

    So yeah… that’s how it goes. Hope all is well for you and yours.

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