March 31: New Haven, Evening Off

After the Louisville show, while waiting for the others to finish loading their gear onto the trucks, Dan and I upped the total zombie annihilation to 22,142 and called it a night sometime after 3am as we left the Palace Theatre. For the next 15 hours we would see little other than the inside of a bus.

I got into my not-so comfortable bunk and read until 4am. I’m reading Amy S Foster’s When Autumn Leaves and I still haven’t made up my mind on it. I’m getting close to half-way through the novel and I get the feeling that something big-ish is going to happen, but I don’t know what. I think I’ll definitely finish it, but afterward I’m going to need something pretty gritty. I reckon my favourite book of the last year or so has been City of Thieves by David Benioff. Set in Stalingrad in WW2, it follows the adventures of two guys who get thrown together by, and tasked with sourcing a dozen eggs for, an NKVD colonel.

When I woke later in the morning I wrote and posted a diary entry (thank the gods for bus internet) ate some cereal, nuts, crisps, fruit, and entered into what we call ‘conversations’ with fellow bus members. By 6pm EDT we looped off the highway into New Haven and were greeted by spikey grey trees, terraced houses which bring the word Georgian to mind, and some crisp air.

At 6.30 I had my newly-streamlined stuff sectioned as per its designated day of usage and decided: I love this room! It has everything I need. A cozy space in which to live and write for a couple of nights, a comfy bed, a hot-water-maker which you can’t call a kettle and can’t call a coffee maker, but still makes water hot; last and most, there’s the internet (cue angel choir).

And I’ve just decided something else: I’ve written enough diary things today.

This will keep me from 'out there'.

This will keep me from ‘out there’.



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5 Responses to March 31: New Haven, Evening Off

  1. Dari Darius says:

    Welcome to Connecticut… looking forward to the concert in Wallingford. It’s not the nicest town in CT but the theater looks nice. I live about an hour away. Went to Madison Square Garden concert in December. Was great, but I don’t like sports arenas so I think this time will be even greater.

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