A Quick Thank You

Jebus, Harry and Hotep, I can’t believe how many people visited the blog this past couple of days. Check the stats:

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 00.50.43


With over a thousand combined views for March 31 and April 1, it’s been the busiest No Ideas period since taking up the pen in August of last year; thank you everyone who visits, likes, shares, and comments, you make a lone, scruffy, pyjama’d man in a hotel room quite chuffed.

Now to begin work on converting these statistics into calorie-free pear cider…


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I hate blogs and bloggers.
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8 Responses to A Quick Thank You

  1. MaryB says:

    You deserve every bit of credit for this!

  2. Diana Dahart says:

    Last summer you packed us in your bags and took us with you on the road, and as the miles tacked on, so did your followers! Congrats, Leif!

  3. Walt says:

    This is our-#1-must-visit-every-day event! A simply fascinating erudite articulate view from the other side. Waiting anxiously for the book. Cheers.

  4. LB, I was one of the first to be packed into your suitcase. I could use a good airing out 😉

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