Apr 3: Big Apple I

From somewhere in Connecticut, we arrived at our New York hotel around 2pm, our rooms were ready, and I raced into the elevator, along the corridor, bursting with excitement into my room to face a bright, sunny, first of three days off in Manhattan.


I believe this is my third or fourth stay in this hotel, and likely my third or fourth encounter with this view. I suppose I’ll have to get out if I want some real light. But it’s Manhattan — I can’t imagine there’s anything to do here.

I would say ‘prepare’ for a rather light few days of No Ideas, but a suggestion to steel one’s self in the face of a near-void makes little sense. As it was during our time in New Orleans, it might be quiet around here for a while, unless of course I see something outside.

IMG_2675 IMG_2676 IMG_2677


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5 Responses to Apr 3: Big Apple I

  1. tammigirl says:

    Nothing to see in Manhattan folks, might as well take a nap. Or be a real soldier and see if you can drum up something to do so that others who go after you might be inspired by your courage to find a way to beat the boredom in such a lifeless place.

    Reminds me of the view we had in the Stanhope quite a few years ago. I imagine it mimics many a fine NYC hotel room.

  2. I think you mug just fine right now….

  3. j6ppc says:

    Well shit leif first Manhattan and then…
    Berlin might follow.

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