Apr 11: Halifax I

Look at you, Nova Scotia

Look at you, Nova Scotia

Ladies and gentlemen, I have some earth-shattering news: 30K has been achieved. Dan and I killed a total of 1,933 zombies in the wee hours of this morning, bringing our grand total to 30,448. Since we began tallying on (we believe) the 4th of March, we’ve managed to send a daily average of 780.72 zombies to the hell they so acutely deserve. In celebration we ran up and down the red-carpeted bus aisle, high-fiving our sleeping chums in their bunks; an orgy of champagne was organised and Wayne even set the bus to auto-drive that he might dance with his hands in the air, chest-bumping with us, enjoying the Gloria Gaynor classic I Will Survive specially cued, raucously blaring in the front lounge. In actual fact though, no one gave a crap except me and Dan. There was no oversized lottery cheque, no Ed McMahon congratulating us on saving humanity for a little while longer; in fact we pretty much shut the TV off and didn’t speak. It was that sort of intense.

Yesterday I set up a new Facebook page. I am really not a big fan of FB, but I can’t ignore the suggestions that it would be a good place from which to share the diary. Setting it up doesn’t cost anything, other than a machine knowing my whereabouts and the colour of underpants (pink Hello Kitty if you’re interested). So as a compromise to the online gods, I’ve set up an author page. Managing multiple online media can be a time-consuming affair, so rather than set up a specific No Ideas page on FB, I’ve opted to share my ugly mug with a view to proffering various  authorial works to slither out of the pipeline. So, as far as FB goes, you’re stuck with the me that is me, and unfor-choo-nat-lee, ‘me’ is not always timed on LC. WordPress is my main squeeze, so FB will be more like Twitter’s overbearing brother. I think; who knows really. I’ll be checking in regularly, so feel free to berate and admonish me on FB too:


On the way to Halifax we jumped forward an hour, through one of Canada’s time-hoops, and fared a near-endless sea of trees along a road that, surprisingly, offered a smooth enough ride that a lowly backline tech might get a decent sleep for a change.

We arrived in Halifax around noon and skipped into our hotel. At 4 celsius, Halifax might be considered cool, but the sunny sky and pedestrian-friendly neighbourhood offered a warmth impossible to ignore. However, this writing man’s drive to tap at the keys precludes any involvement in the real world until his chores are done. And so the sun had to wait in the queue behind blogging, Tweeting, communicating, app-ing, and fiction-ing.

Tonight’s plan: go for a couple of beers.

[PS — I had to edit this post after publishing because I forgot add a link to the FB page.]

So many opportunities for everything to go wrong

So many opportunities for everything to go wrong


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6 Responses to Apr 11: Halifax I

  1. MaryB says:

    Congratulations! We are very proud of you 😉 :-)) and thank you for keeping us safe from those nefarious zombies

  2. ucblue says:

    i thought FB owns all the content.

  3. Walt says:

    Oh my. I could have understood a wander to the FB darkside after a night of wobbly pops, not before. The opportunity for everything to go wrong came to fruition?

    • Leif says:

      Jeez, I’ve left FB twice; but this time I’m there as a ‘page’ and not a person. Such a subtle distinction means I can keep it ‘biz-niss’ so to speak. No ‘friends’, no news feed with ‘stories’ that are impossible NOT to comment on, which of course leads to silly things said. I’m not just a man, I’m a brand! (Fingers in throat)

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