I do not wish to post overtly political opinions on No Ideas, however I have a big bonnet bee when it comes to Big Brother overseeing the content of communications. If you’re a regular user of the internet, you might want to check out what CISPA means to you and indeed anyone who uses the internet to share ideas, opinions, manifestos, and credos.

It’s my belief that the internet is one the greatest things we’ve ever done in terms of education and communication. Yes of course there are uncomfortable opinions and ranting online, and even the ability to cause harm, but these things have always existed; it’s only now we have access to them, and also the means to challenge and maybe even learn something from them. Allowing any world government the slightest bit of ‘in’ to overseeing content of the internet is, in my personal opinion, a big mistake. I do not wish to sound paranoid, but I believe the prospect of The Man looking over our shoulders as we share ideas is an invitation to dumb us all down.

The internet is around two decades old; and look at the way we’re only just beginning to come to understand one another through our labyrinth of voices. Twenty years ago, we believed everything we heard on the news and read in the newspapers; we got behind our leaders when they made bad choices because we thought they’d be true to us, and what else would we know?

The internet has changed, and is continuing to change all that, and it makes the status quo uncomfortable. Do not play into the inferiority complexes of the powerful; stand free and allow this wonderful medium the room it needs to address humanity’s shortcomings and mutual misunderstandings — in all the thousands of years of ‘civilisation’ as we knew and know it, our leaders haven’t been able to fix us, so why would (essentially) owning shares in the internet give them any extra ability to do it?

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  1. Walt says:

    Good one! Take action today, go dark or sign in ->

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