April 22-24: Montréal

There’s not a whole lot going on in UHTC world. Myself, I’ve been visiting family. I was born here, lived here for a very short time, lived elsewhere, came back at 26, had a hard time of it, and moved away again. It’s a beautiful city really, but it takes a certain kind of je ne sais quois to make it here. Language is a huge issue to some folks in Québec, and like any cultural uniqueness, there exist politicians to exploit differences, dividing people. Exploiting those differences to dig political trenches doesn’t work very well for the people of Northern Ireland, and I can’t see how it’s going to produce a garden of utopia here, but that’s how it goes I guess. Still, it’s a beautiful place, and when the sun shines, it’s all the better; I guess I should take some pictures in daylight.


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4 Responses to April 22-24: Montréal

  1. j6ppc says:

    Leif I envy you the time in Montreal. I very much would like to spend a couple of weeks there the city I find to be very intriguing. Thanks also as always for the ongoing updates you provide- I’ve been busy with the day job and ahem writing at night.

    Apropos writing…

    Amazon’s taking open submissions for Kindle singles – 5k to 30k in length; on average the ones they do pick up bring the author $22,000 though your mileage and mine of course if lucky or skilled enough might well vary.

    NYtimes Article:

    Amazon Kindle Submission policy:

    And yeah I’ll be submitting my humble effort there when its done.



  2. j6ppc says:

    Oh Man Leif did the interwebz just eat my comment or have you turned moderation on?

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