Jun 16, Rehearsals III


Audio Village, twinned with Paul World

It was a sunny Sunday morning, and upon its reception, one could hardly think, ‘Oh yes, of course I’d love to go to work today,’ but we did anyway. It’s the final day of rehearsals, and the previous two have given us adequate time to polish the silverware; after today’s session, we have the task of packing up our stuff and putting it into a pair of trucks.

Not content with the gleaming silverware and daintily-placed doilies, Team Audio found a small project in the testing of their spare mixing desk; should anything ever go horrifically awry, and a desk should explode into an infinite dust of component parts, the back-up would allow us to limp sufficiently through the remainder of a show.


The horn of plenty, organised

After some lunch in our impromptu Green Room ‘slash’ wardrobe prep area, we readied the stage for the arrival of Leonard and the band; their own exodus from lunch complete, they got down to business, rehearsing a brand new song. I shan’t think it will make a live appearance any time soon, rather it was more of a wing-spreading exercise.

Around 3pm the rehearsal was complete; time to get everything packed up. It wasn’t until a whopping four hours later that we were able to close the truck doors, but the weather was nice, and we had help in the form of local crew, who I overheard will be joining us again at the Bercy on Tuesday. In the meantime, we have until then to enjoy some quiet; in the usual spirit of late, a few of us visited the Japanese place near our hotel after a clean-up, fitting in a few golden bubbles before a day off tomorrow.


Only a genuine Hoover will do


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