Jun 30, Brussels — Set-up

Tomorrow being Canada Day, the first of July, means today is the end of June and in my head, the middle of the year. How did that happen? How comes it that we’ve passed the solstice and it’s still a little cool and grey in the mornings? I should admit though, I don’t really mind; have you seen where we’re going today? There’s no natural light in the Forest National, so it seems a quick blast of sun in the morning would hardly do any longevital good. As you may tell from the pictures, the load-in was an upbeat, colourful affair punctuated by dank and dark. Rumour says we’re to be among the last few live acts playing here before they open up a new arena.

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Look at me, I'm on stage

Look at me, I’m on stage

Many arenas we play are somewhat oval in shape; well — not so much an oval as a rectangle with rounded ends. Tiered seats near the stage in most arenas tend to be situated at a right angle to the action. Today’s arena seems circular in shape; the people in tiered proximity, should they look dead-straight ahead, would see across the floor seats. This is a long-winded way of saying there’s a good chance many people will wake tomorrow with sore necks.

To be frank, there was little interesting happening this morning. Everything went along smoothly with no drama or hiccups. We’re looking forward to a day off tomorrow here in Brussels; laundry is on the radar, followed by some quality fiction-time.

A motor, hanging from a motor; for ease of cable manipulation when altering heights of trusses

A motor, hanging from a motor; for ease of cable manipulation when altering heights of trusses

During soundcheck, Leonard and the band began rehearsing a new song (perhaps I should say old) a few times, then moved on to La Manic, and I Can’t Forget, alongside the usual Dance Me and The Future.

With the early load-ins, I’ve found myself with a little extra time to draft a few thoughts, so I’m going to try something new. I may occasionally split show-days into two entries, using the ingenious subtitles Set-up and Show; so keep a the look-out dear reader — if there’s something worth sharing (and there’s usually something) you’ll get it the following day.

Anyway, we’ll see how it goes; it might get me to bed earlier after the gigs!



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Leif,
    Love to read your postings!!!!!!!

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