Jul 1, 2013 — Brussels, Day Off

flgHappy Canada Day everyone. To mark the conceptual birth of the second-largest politically defined area of soil on the planet, fellow Canadian (the man they call) Pants and I met for a laundry date. Roughly 500 metres from the hotel, via a zig-zag of narrow streets, we came upon a humble laverie, in which the weekly holy grail of touring was found. There’s not much to it; throwing some clothes into the machine — I let a white shirt loose among my predominately black clothes because that’s how this gangster rolls — and walking around in the while before dryer time.

The real subject of this diary entry, the genuine topic of topics, has much to do with a café we came across between wash and dry cycles; I didn’t think to document the name of the place or even its location, favouring rather to share the delightful accompaniment to my decaf Earl Grey; I hope you enjoy viewing it as much as I revelled in its resplendence.



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7 Responses to Jul 1, 2013 — Brussels, Day Off

  1. ucblue says:

    when did al this taking photos of food start? Now when someone goes on a cruise (shudder), they take pictures of the buffet. weird.

  2. I think when you’re vegetarian, finding something tasty you can eat deserves a photo! Been there…
    Cruise buffets? No thanks.

  3. Tracy Conover says:

    Holy Mother of Laundry-half-time Gastrono-magnificence! The Laverie Gods.. (sorry – I cannot italicize or add appropriate accents upon any letters…) certainly smiled upon you two that day. Beautiful and mouth-watering. Thanks for sharing!
    Best ~
    Tracy ;-D

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