Jul 4, Montreux Jazz Festival — Set Up

IMG_4604Happy America Day y’all. It is in Switzerland we celebrate the 237th anniversary of the seed-planting of the Philly-cheesesteak-‘n-freedom-fries-tree that l’il George Washington chopped down — the one he DID lie about. Today we are under the umbrella of the Montreux Jazz Festival. In brief words, this is not ‘our’ show. Well, it’s kinda our show, but it’s kinda not. You may see from the picture (right) that our setup looks a little different than usual and that’s because we’ve left a bunch of stuff on the trucks. For PA, lights, and set today we are using the in-house equipment. Monitors, backline, production, wardrobe, and green room equipment all came in as normal, but only a select amount of UHTC audio and lights shall grace the Montreux experience.

It's the 'interfacing' that usually causes some sort of issue

It’s the ‘interfacing’ that usually causes an issue

On the surface, this sort of situation always sounds like an easy day for certain departments, but it rarely is; Ryan will have to program a bunch of new lights in new positions, a time-consuming affair; the audio guys had some issues with the mobile recording truck somehow sucking life from a few of our channels, and the load-in was slow going due to the small-ish lift/elevator. In the dressing room area, we had electrical problems that may (or may not — we’ll have to see) have affected our green-room fridges; fortunately, we were able to borrow a couple from the venue.

On stage, we managed to get everything ready for LC’s arrival, but we hadn’t the leisure time we’ve been enjoying lately. That said, they don’t pay us to sit around and count ceiling tiles, so you shan’t hear any official grumble from me.

When Leonard did his solo soundcheck, he worked on a song I didn’t recognise; I’m guessing, by the number of repetitions of ‘tonight’, it was Tonight Will be Fine. You mustn’t, dear reader, take that as a cue to expect the song’s inclusion in the set any time soon; I am not privy to these kinds of artistic decisions, I am merely the voice of it was so.

We shall see in the next entry, how the first of two nights in Montreux faired.


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19 Responses to Jul 4, Montreux Jazz Festival — Set Up

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  2. How do I love thee? Let me count the accoustical tiles….

  3. Sefüle says:

    “he worked on a song I didn’t recognise” So you did it again 😀 Always makes me smile, after all those hundreds of concerts you’re still a newbie and that’s so cute 😀 Tonight Will Be Fine is older than you, coming out in 1969 on the Songs From a Room album. Great song for sing along so I hope we will get a chance to sing it in Lucca or…

  4. Not gonna lie, I may have kinda screamed excitedly upon reading that song title, as it is probably my all time favourite song of his. You know, if it gets performed regularly y’all gonna have to come back across the pond so I can hear it! pretty please? LOL

  5. Oh and try to keep LC from drunkenly riding a horse on stage LOL. I think it was at montreux that he did that back in the 70s

    • Leif says:

      Really?! Awesome. I can picture his face: flat and dry, topped in a ten-gallon hat, singing the song into a ten-foot high mic stand, horse below him completely oblivious to the absurdity. Magic.

  6. MaryB says:

    The photos of so many are fantastic and so appreciated, but you are definitely a tease with this ‘new song’ at soundcheck. Do you realize how fortunate you are to hear these ‘new songs’????? I am SOOOOOOO jealous 😉

  7. B4real says:

    Hi Leif,

    Just thought I’d put in my “two bob’s worth” regards the repeated word “tonight”. With “Tonight Will Be Fine”, in the studio version it is repeated three times as compared to “The Gypsy’s Wife” when it is repeated five times. My money’s on the latter as to the one being played. It’s more in keeping with the other songs plus it also has a wonderful solo passage for Alex’s violin.

    Also here’s a link for that picture and story of Leonard striding on stage with his white horse! It was actually in France at the Aix-en-Provence Music Festival 1st to 3rd August 1970.


    ….And on a previous conversation we’ve had it seems (almost from the horse’s mouth) you will be coming down under in a couple of months (big smile)!!


    btw …. could you possibly tell me what brand of violin(‘s) Alex plays?

  8. B4real says:

    Geez, I’m really distracted this morning – must be the thought of the UHTC coming soon!
    I meant to say a few months, not a couple!

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