Jul 7, Rome (Night)


At 9.15pm, a quarter-hour later than posted, we started the show under a hazy sky, not so warm, but very humid. As mentioned in the previous post, we used mostly in-house equipment, and we don’t have much of a set today; we’re missing the usual tall, grey screens of fabric, or ‘legs’ as they’re more commonly known. The sides, or wings, of the stage tonight are fairly open, and it makes a nice change in perspective for me, being able to see all the musicians from one vantage point. However there is an irony; my spot, my guitar world, is a little too far upstage to photograph much more than the backs of heads.

IMG_4707The first set went as it has been going for the past few shows, with little to report, except to say we’ve a good crowd tonight; enthusiastic, cheerful, downright happy to be here in the sultry air. The second set saw a bit of a shakeup from its beginning: no Tower of Song! That’s kinda like no card on Valentine’s day; Leonard started the set with Suzanne, and from there, we were guessing as to what he was going to call next. Chelsea Hotel came out for the first time in a good while, with only Leonard and Neil playing to the captive audience. Next was Heart With No Companion — wait no! Sisters of Mercy ensued after a quick mind-change from the boss, and THEN came Heart. The Partisan followed, which didn’t come as a huge surprise, but still, we didn’t know for sure to expect it, and things settled down for Alexandra Leaving. By that time, we expected and received the usual trio to end the main set: I’m Your Man, Hallelujah and Take This Waltz.

The encores began as normal, with So Long Marianne hooking the audience into a singalong to which Leonard answered, “Thank you for singing, friends.” At a couple of points in the show, a helicopter flew overhead, adding a certain je ne sais quois to the atmosphere, but no one seemed too bothered.

We eagerly awaited the 12.15 curfew, and many of us finished and got away from the venue just before 2am. Tomorrow we travel to Viareggio.


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3 Responses to Jul 7, Rome (Night)

  1. Betty Vercauteren says:

    sad that Brussels was my last show, but so happy with your posts, so I can travel a bit with all of you !!
    don’t you miss my “glowing sticks in the dark” Leif ? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Betty. But there are allways a lot of phone lights is n”t it?

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