The No Ideas Book — update

Hey hey everyone; I have mixed news about the No Ideas book, a narrative on the 2012 European tour. I’m afraid it didn’t make the publishers’ list, but to be honest, I always thought it was a long shot. Filled with craziness and a patchwork of themes, you might say it’s hard to pigeonhole, but to me, that’s just fine. At this time, I shan’t pursue any further sponsorship of the book, and will work on getting it available to you via the magic of self-publishing.

It will be made available in paperback and in digital format, and if I’m not lazy, you’ll see it ready for action before the end of July. Let’s go.

Look out for No Ideastwo months on the road with Leonard Cohen — a real-life account of the daily fiction surrounding backstage life.

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2 Responses to The No Ideas Book — update

  1. Hard luck with the publishers Leif. Looking forward to reading it when you get it published yourself.

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