No Ideas — Paperback Available

The following text was lifted from my other blog, Writing Man.

In February or March this year, I “finished” No Ideas. I use finger quotes surrounding the word because what I’ve learned through my short (wannabe) time as a writer is, it’s hard to let go. It’s difficult to say, between tapping the keys, which key-tap was the last of a certain project. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve revisited paragraphs, or woke in a cold sweat reminded of inny-quotes where there should be outty quotes, or a sentence, like ice cream and beer, that just doesn’t sit right.

The time comes where a writer has to stop talking and writing about writing, and make the difficult decisions that coincide with the public presentation of the precious tome. And it’s one thing to dole out free copies to friends and well-wishers, but it’s another thing to put a work on sale, because once money gets involved, so too doesvalue for money, and that’s what I want to give the people who read my work. But there are complications: with the proliferation and ease of self-publishing, almost anyone can write and sell a book. And if more people can do it, more companies can provide the service to accommodate a would-be author. After a bit of playing around with options, I decided to go with as (what I’m calling) a printing agent. The end product costs more money than printing with Amazon’s Createspace, but I am genuinely not a fan of big corporations. Having said that, I buy things from Amazon, and I don’t know if lulu is owned by Monsanto, so I could simply be a pawn in a big ol’ game of Confuse-A-Hippie, but when it comes to something with my name on it, I worry about the larger picture.

Now — having, again, stuck my neck out as an ignorant left-wing crybaby, I did mention earlier, difficult decisions. Another reason for sticking with lulu is, I’m simply used to them. The formatting works for me, and I don’t have to learn how they operate; they’ve handled three books (short stories) of mine already, and I’m really happy with the product. For all I know, they use the same printers as Amazon/Create Space, but when I tried setting up No Ideas with Create Space, there was just something about the look of the book that didn’t appeal to me. I’m a fussy, fussy man when it comes to my name being on something — I will of course regret saying that if floods of messages pour in, informing me of some horrendous error in the book — be kind — but all the same, it was somewhat of a micro-crisis, going with the more expensive option, admittedly, for my own convenience.

But, with all that behind us, I am reservedly proud to say — I’ve written a book! And you, dear reader, can purchase this book if you wish, both in electronic and paper formats by linking to the following websites:


I do not believe there’s much more for me to say, but thank you, to everyone who encouraged me to write.


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  1. Have ordered the paperback. Looking forward to receiving it 🙂

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