July 19, Łódź — Day

2013-07-19 13.57.40 copyMost departments loaded into the Atlas Arena at a staggering 6am this morning. Chief Rigger Johnny Hotpants had the exclusive privilege of arriving on site at 5am to mark the floor and stage, determining the points from which the PA and lights will be hung. It’s bridal central today, with very few dead hangs, meaning it’s a slow setup, hence the early get-in.

None of this means much to The Winning Team however; a few of us arrived on site at a cool 8.30 to sift through our unloaded cases for things to do. While the rigging was taking its toll on the clock’s patience, affecting Teams Audio and Lighting, we on stage were set up with a bit of time to spare before lunch. Well you know what they say: if you’re not on the Winning team…

2013-07-19 08.12.50 copy

It was a lovely day off yesterday, arriving at the hotel at 9.30am with rooms readily available. Driving into Poland provided some lovely sights; Dan and I were the last two awake (apart from Bus Driver Oli of course) and as the early day unfolded, we were treated to views of thick blankets of mist lying in fields and between the trunks of tall trees, impossibly thin in proportion to their heights. The area near the hotel was abuzz with abundance, a horn of plenty offering choice between needful and irrational purchases, luscious food, and big fat beers. Of the foremost and latter I did not partake, happy in the middle with some gnocchi and salad. But what about the pierogi? you may ask.

This being Poland, an epicentre of slavic beauty, one cannot visit and brazenly disregard a signature staple of unleavened bread, filled variously, boiled, and fried. Happily, our caterer Harry provided pierogi for our enjoyment today for lunch. But why not enjoy them from a Polish restauracja? you may ask. Well — being vegetarian in a part of the world where the very word has the power to lift eyebrows and half-close eyes, I find it best not to bother asking someone, who may not speak fluent English, whether or not the dumplings have been fried in bacon grease, contain bacon, beef, or whatever used-to-breathe filling one might conjure. I’ll take the safe bet with Harry, thank you.

We’re supposedly starting the show at 8pm tonight, and if I may impart a sarcastic tone — sure we will. Find out in the next freaky, thrill-soaked episode of Roadie’s Mind.

For some technical reason beyond my comprehension, the Berlin show entry was not placed on the front page of the blog yesterday. If you haven’t seen it, if you were of the mind that it was missing, you can click here to read it.
2013-07-19 08.16.38 copy

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9 Responses to July 19, Łódź — Day

  1. MaryB says:

    So how were the pierogi that Harry provided?

    • Leif says:

      I’m no expert, but I liked them.

      • MaryB says:

        I am surprised that you said that they are boiled and fried. When they are made, it is usually in large batches of over 100 so there are leftovers (or they can be frozen after being boiled). They are customarily served after being boiled, tossed in butter or margarine and usually sauted diced onions, with a side of sour cream. The only time they are fried is when the leftovers are taken out of the fridge in order to heat them up again.
        Yummy either way 🙂

      • Leif says:

        My grandfather was Ukrainian, and serving them ‘fried in butter’ was the thing. (Presumably after being boiled.) Oh, and apparently, it’s bad luck to count — you never count how many you’re making.

      • MaryB says:

        So that’s the origin of your last name. I wondered about it from the beginning of the tour. I am 100% Ukie as is my husband 😉 I never knew it was bad luck to count them. Learn something knew every day. I will never count them again 🙂

      • Leif says:

        Haha, yeah they’ll taste better.

  2. Marta Liwska says:

    Hi dear Leif, just want let you know, that last night gig was amazing, wonderful and EXTRAORDINARY. Thank you so much!
    As far as pierogi (this name is plural) are concerned for me the yummiest are filled with fruits, (bluberies for instance), boiled simply in the water and then served cold with some light sweet cream, ideal for hot summer day 🙂 see how they look like here:

  3. Never count your pierogi before they’re batched….

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