Jul 19, Łódź — Show

IMG_4860An 8.15 start to a warm and friendly audience in a big bowl of a room. From our position on stage left we heard, not so much in the way of audible slapback, but more of a full-blown echo. The audio department must have had a whale of a time tackling the acoustics of the room, but I imagine they did a good job, especially given the audience’s clapping in time to the ones and threes of I’m Your Man’s bars.

The shows of late have been somewhat similar in makeup, and trying to find something extraordinary takes some searching within; fortunately, it didn’t take much digging to find the audience, although fairly quiet, had some interesting quirks. Wouldn’t you know, but I forgot my show notes on a folded piece of paper in my workbox, and I won’t see it until the Prague show, but what I can remember off the top of my head was the hats. During Hallelujah, many audience members waved their hats in the air, slowly, from side to side over their heads during the choruses. At one point, a spirited woman traversed the aisle, waving her headgear, as if to instruct those around her in the ancient art of hat.

IMG_4856Something I haven’t heard in a while, was the mention of the city name during Hallelujah. Occasionally, the line will go like this: “I didn’t come to (insert place name) to fool you.” It’s been missing from the set lately, but tonight Leonard name-checked Łódź, giving it the ‘woodge’ pronunciation and earned a cheer for the mention. The crowd loved Going Home; the first few lines earned such a response that Leonard held off the signature phrase “He’s a lazy bastard living in a suit” until they had their fill of the previous lyrics.

Load-out was a little slow; we had to push cases to the opposite end of the room and up an incline into the truck, but hey, it’s day off in Prague tomorrow. If my memory has not served me well in writing tonight (and I can only assume this is the case) I shall share some more Łódź tales next time, but for now, drafting from a bus, a good night has been bid to one and all.


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4 Responses to Jul 19, Łódź — Show

  1. Marta Liwska says:

    Oh, Leif tell me over and over for yesterday your memory couldn’t serve you well because so busy day and that horrible loud audience, sorry I’ve been among them (and quite close the stage 😉

    • Leif says:

      Oh, they weren’t too loud, they were good. When I get my notes back, I think there’s something I missed.

      • Marta Liwska says:

        Oh, they were much more lauder than usual according to our standards but only because they loved Mr Cohen and all the magic you showed this night soooo much!
        Only these interesting quirks …… oops, I had no hat at all, sorry 😉
        Love your writings very much, you are amazing personality, have a great time in the golden Praque, Marta

      • Leif says:

        Thank you Marta, greatly appreciated.

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