Jul 21, Prague — Day

2013-07-20 12.28.14 copyI got to work today in Prague’s O2 arena, found my show notes from Łódź, and to my surprise, discovered my memory isn’t as terrible as I believed. By magical processes, I managed to recall most of the notes, but still, I kinda knew was something missing.

You know sometimes, when a person tells you their name, you can pronounce it alright, but its spelling escapes you? Well, the other night in Łódź, when Leonard came out for the second set, just before he began Tower of Song, he thanked the crowd for coming, for staying, and for climbing those high places from where they could view the show. He also mentioned a man, someone he wanted to publicly thank,

“for bringing my songs to the Polish people”.

2013-07-21 12.18.18 copyAnd that person was somebody called… Now here’s where it gets tricky friends, because I only heard it, and I don’t know how to spell it. Try not to laugh, but it sounded like ‘magic sambachi’. So — I’m gonna guess that it’s Majek something. And here’s where you, dear reader, swoop in to answer the babillion dollar question: Who is this so-called magic sambachi?

Moving on to our set-up in Prague; if you’ve ever heard the expression ‘same old same old’, it applies to today. Everything works, it’s all fine, nothing broken, plenty of time to get it all together and twiddle the odd thumb. As mentioned in yesterday’s entry, I didn’t get out in Prague at all, and as I type I sit in a darkened arena, so I’m not much good for relevant information today. I have been to Prague a few times and I can tell you that… Actually, I don’t remember much more than an ornate clock in a public square and… a tram. Ta da!2013-07-21 08.46.26 copy


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13 Responses to Jul 21, Prague — Day

  1. Maarten says:

    The so called Magician you’re referring to is actually a man called Maciej Zembaty (don’t ask me to pronounce it either, I’m only Belgian…). He is a Polish translator of many Leonard Cohen lyrics into Polish and has covered many of mr Cohen’s songs in Polish. We also had the privilege to guest mr Zembaty at our bianual Leonard Cohen Event which took place in Krakow, Poland in 2010. Mr Zembaty played a set of 10 covers including “Dance Me To The End Of Love” and “Tower Of Song” aswell as some lesser known songs like “Diamonds In The Mine” and “Passin’ Through”. Mr Zembaty died in June 2011, age 67. A huge loss for the Polish Leonard Cohen community. RIP

    A truly nice way of saying goodbye to mr Zembaty by Leonard, thanks.

    All the best

  2. Doris Schöbel says:

    as i read in leonardcohenforum.com Kaz told: Before Tower of Songs Leonard paid tribute to Maciek Zembaty http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maciej_Zembaty

  3. Marta Liwska says:

    Sorry Leif, but you are forcing me to break promises 😉
    The Master has paid a tribute to late Maciej Zembaty, who introduced Him to Poland back in the seventies, translated all songs lyrics, many poems and a novel “Favourite Game” into Polish. He sung beautifully His songs in Polish, and was our “Cohen guru” back then. He performed at Leonard Cohen 2010 Kraków Event. He died in 2011 and as a tribute for him on the day of his funeral ceremony, the usual noon trumpet signal from the tower of Kościół Mariacki in Kraków was substituted with “Hallelujah”
    Here you are my pronunciation 😉
    [audio src="http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Zembaty.ogg" /]

  4. How hauntingly beautiful to hear this song in Polish. Old world poignancy and crystalized light….

    • Marta Liwska says:

      Hello Vicki,
      Maybe you’d like to hear Maciek Zembaty’s “Hallelujah” so here you are a link:

      • Marta Liwska says:

        …. and here a video of him acting as “I’m Your Man” but attention it’s a crime

  5. Wendy says:

    Love the show notes Leif.

    To our Polish friends: I am a big fan of Maciek Zembaty’s work. His death was indeed a great loss for the LC community.

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