Another Review: From Russia

I believe this was the first No Ideas review; it was written in Russian, and I got a kick out of the auto-translation performed by Google:

Old Ideas World Tour Book – that’s what our news! From the outset, one of the tour called elves – invisible to the naked eye, on which depends so much in the real world, where in addition to the music there are musical instruments, lighting, transportation, decorations, and other boring things – a blog.

Elf’s name is Лейф Боднарчук (Leif Bodnarchuk) , is responsible for the technical condition he guitars. On the origin of it all might have guessed, it is necessary to add that he lives in Belfast.

Something else, which intrigued me:

All the advantages of a blog, of course, also apply to the book. Yes, lost relevance. Well, Karamzin, too, is irrelevant and does not write about Navalny (Mr. Bodnarchuk, by the way, mentioned in his time Pussy Riot).

I’m not sure I understand the context, but to be mentioned in the same paragraph as popular (and controversial) essayist Nikolay Karamzin, political activist Alexei Navalny, and feminist heroines Pussy Riot, I am somewhat chuffed.

Many thanks to Roman at for the review, and thanks to Tumblr user 5essentia1 for the pointer.


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2 Responses to Another Review: From Russia

  1. Marta Liwska says:

    Congratulations Leif, great review I’ve read from cover to cover at Roman’s site !

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