Old Ideas Tour — Aug 15, Stockholm

IMG_5093And — we’re back. When Mallorca ended I must admit, I was torn between staying forever and getting the hell out; I think I was becoming acclimated to the great yellow ball and skin-sizzling heat. But with a schedule to keep we flew to Stockholm where the temperature was around half that of Mallorca. At 18ºC, it was cloudy and a bit rainy — magical. Waiting for us was our hotel, a very nice place I’d love to have spent a few days in. Nearby was an Indian restaurant where Dan and I wolfed delights and chucked back mega-sized Kingfishers; following the exercise in deliciousness, we discovered a pub with pinball machines. We did not play pinball.

Fast-forwarding to the following day, today, The Winning Team finds itself in the Globe, a cozy arena that seats approximately, oh I don’t know, a billion… READ MORE…


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