Who is This Guy?

So very, very serious.

So very, very serious.

I’m LB, a guitar technician by trade and writer for soul — if I had one. I’ve published a book — No Ideas, two months on the road with Leonard Cohen. You can get it in paper or plastic. I began writing that book here on this blog, and I continue to witter away now, while the Leonard Cohen tour is still going.

This blog will be slowly phased over to leifb73.com, where it will join articles and missives, pieces and insights written by yours truly. There you may feel equally free to admonish my opinions and twisted views on the planet’s most amazing and ridiculous inhabitants, humans.

Buy No Ideas—
paperback: http://www.lulu.com/shop/leif-bodnarchuk/no-ideas/paperback/product-21111722.html
digital: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/335651 

10 Responses to Who is This Guy?

  1. Karl W. Lohninger says:

    Hi LB, I stumbled across your blog and I really enjoy reading it – so, please, don’t stop anytime soon!

    I’m curious about the technical setup on stage and wonder if you could write a bit about that. I.e. guitars, which pedals (if) are used, going into amps, what amps, or direct.. what mics are being used and so on.

    I had the luck of getting tickets sponsored by my son (good man!) for the Nov. 2nd concert in Los Angeles and enjoyed it a lot. And hey, no ear plugs necessary – what a treat !

    Looking forward to your next installment, best, Karl

    • dragonhelm says:

      Hi Karl, thanks for reading and the support.

      Good idea, I suppose I could always ask if Mitch and Javier mind me sharing the details. To be honest, there’s not a whole lot to it.

  2. Karl W. Lohninger says:

    Thank you so much, that’d be great. I know there’s not much of gimmicks used. It all sounds very ‘effortless’ it that makes sense, obviously coming in first place because everybody in this band is a wonderful musician. As I’m doing a little bit of music myself – on a very small scale – I’m always curious how others do it 😉

  3. I just come here because it’s a “cootie-free” zone….

    • Leif says:

      Haha! You might be interested to know — when I first moved to N. Ireland in ’87, my friends had never heard of the cooties; however it’s likely “the shite disease” was the same thing; with identical symptoms of course.

  4. Steve says:


    I’ve been enjoying your diary since the tour restarted. I just arrived in Halifax from Fredericton, NB, for the first of the next 3 shows. I met Javier Mas today at the Halifax Folk Centre. Wonderful friendly man. When you get to Saint John, if you have some free time, visit the City Market. It is linked to Harbour Station via an indoor pedestrian walk way. Also in SJ, if you like Guatemalan (Mexican) food, try Taco Pica, a small independent restaurant on a side street near the Market.

  5. Steve says:

    Lief, as always, I enjoyed all three shows this week. Can you tell me what that device was mounted on a stand near the monitor console that looked like a clear plastic tube extending horizontally from a disc or parabolic dish? I only noticed it in Moncton – it appears in the photo “look at you, Moncton”. Just curious. Safe travels, latcho drom.

  6. karenv says:

    I was wondering same. Thanks! I think you guys must have the more interesting job–things change with every venue. It must take much discipline onstage to do almost the same gig every night. Just makes me love all of you even more. 🙂

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