No Ideas, the book

If you’re a bit of a fan of this blog, you might wish to own its earliest entries (from August to October 2012) in a strange new format — the book. I know it’s a bit odd, collecting words and placing them in a string of informative, witty, thoughtful, and downright bizarre streams, but someone on this great big planet had to do it, and that someone is me. Yes, you read that correctly, I have single-handedly invented the book. And you can get your hands on this book in two ways.

If you’re a fan of digital reading, you can access the No Ideas book via Smashwords, where five bucks’ll get ya in the door. If paper is more your thing, No Ideas via is where you’ll want to go. The book is priced at £7.99, and the good machine-bots of Lulu will convert that number using hieroglyphic runes to determine the exact price at your desired (or required) currency.

What are you waiting for? You can’t afford NOT to miss this platinum experience in the raw, so get out there and… no don’t get out there; stay inside and get online, capitalise on this once-in-a-lifetime (precisely whose lifetime?) chance to own a piece of Leonard Cohen touring history at its most biased and occasionally weird.



2 Responses to No Ideas, the book

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  2. I love Leonard Cohen!Thanks for the book!

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