Old Ideas Tour — Aug 31, Manchester

Hey everyone — this is the final posting on the Old Ideas blog. For more Leonard Cohen tour blogs, follow Writing Man.

IMG_5169Manchester Evening News Arena; MEN for short, which always made me titter. Oh but now it has an even grander name: Phones 4u Arena. (Tumbleweed rolls by.) We ended a tour-leg here in November of 2008. I recall loading our gear into a sea container; the local crew chief wasn’t pleased… READ MORE


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Old Ideas Tour — Aug 28, Brighton






Reminder: this blog is going to go into stasis soon, so if you want to follow the LC tour happenings, catch a ride on Writing Man — the worldly opinions of a man trapped in a man’s body.


Today started off fairly well; I woke after a half-decent night’s sleep, the venue was within walking distance from the hotel, and it was one of those days which elicits an unhelpable, ‘Wow nice day,’ phrase. Yes it was all well until I was struck on the head with loose lighting truss.


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Old Ideas Tour — Aug 26, Bournemouth

2013-08-25 16.06.55

Just a reminder, this blog is going to stop transmitting soon, but the Old Ideas diary entries will still keep coming on Writing Man, my main blog.

It took a while, but we got here. Traveling overnight from Zurich to Calais, we waited two hours for a crowded ferry and after a 90-minute sail, we bounded over the white clichés of Dover. A few hours later we hit Bournemouth, checking into a haunted hotel. It felt like my room was in another city, it was so far from reception, but there was a friendly, curiously dressed man awaiting me outside my door… READ MORE

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Old Ideas Tour — Aug 24, Zurich

2013-08-24-08.20.22After Oslo we stopped for a day-and-a-half in Hamburg, sunny with a comfortable temperature, staying in the same hotel as before the July 14 show. In the wee hours of Friday morning we drove to Zurich, arriving 1 p.m.-ish, checking into a weird hotel. Modern, shared between two buildings, it had lots of empty space in which 20th century ghosts might appear and gnaw one’s ankles.



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Reminder — it’s going to look bleak around here

Hello there,

This is a quick reminder that No Ideas the blog will rest in peace at the end of August. The extant articles shall remain until such time as they do not, but all further LC tour postings (as well as personal musings and muttering) will continue on Writing Man, my other WordPress blog. It’s the same platform, different address, that’s all.

It’s an easy transition if you want to follow along, and if you don’t want to, that’s OK.

All are welcome, all are free.

Peace and über-metta,

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Old Ideas Tour — Aug 20, Oslo

2013-08-20 08.28.28 copy

The Winning Team landed on their feet at oh you’ve heard it all before: we get somewhere, we set something up, a bunch of stuff works, we line-check it, eat something, huuuuuegh! The final word of the previous sentence is the only phonetic assembly I can muster that remotely resembles an exasperated sigh. READ MORE…


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Old Ideas Tour — Aug 17, Odense

2013-08-17 13.55.10 copyIt was a fairly easy morning for The Winning Team in Odense. We are playing outdoors in a park, on a temporary stage, and most departments loaded in last night, leaving backline and video things until this morning. Arriving on site at a positively leisurely 10.15am… READ MORE


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